Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vrat ke Aloo and Singhare ki roti

Last week was Navratre and I was fasting for the 7 days, eating only fruits and vegetables and then dinner was either sabudana khichri or aloo-tamatar ki subzi and singhare ke aate ki roti.

I found a very easy and yummy recipe for the sabudana khichri at one of my favorite food blogs "One Hot Stove". I have made this recipe several times now and it is just amazing!

Vrat ke aloo, made without onion and garlic, is a quick and tasty subzi, but the singhare ke aate ki roti is just a different ball game! The aata is supposed to be kneaded with very little water and adding a boiled, mashed potato to it for binding and even then, it is a very wet aata and a big pain making the rotis out of it!


Anonymous said...

where is the recipe????

transient said...

exactly, ye story kya hai? recipe kahan hai?

Anonymous said...

Wow... wtf is recipe?