Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's lunch...

I packed Chowmein (without veggies-that's how he likes it), an orange and strawberry smoothie for his lunch today. The smoothie and orange was gone and noodles about half eaten...he told me that the teacher made it really hot that's why he didnt finish it! I had made a note for her to heat it for about 30s, maybe next time, I'll tell her to not to heat it.

For a cold evening....

....Arnav enjoying some warm noodle soup on a cold evening!

The temps have been in the 30s and 40s (that's farenheit, 1-5 degrees celsius), with heavy rains the past week and on such cold evenings, there's nothing better than steaming soup to warm up! And if Arnav has his "soft blanket" to cosy up with, he is esctatic!

After bath ritual?

Last weekend, after I gave a bath to Arnav, he was looking sooo cute, all wrapped up in the yellow towel, lying on my bed where I had yellow bedsheets. I couldnt resist and ran to get my camera and proceeded to take some pics.

Yesterday, after his bath, I had put him on my bed to dress him up and he said, "Mamma, get your camera and take Arnav's cutie cutie pics again", I got my camera and clicked some pics.

Now, today, again, after the bath, he wanted me to bring my camera!!! This time, he also wanted me to hand over my camera to him and he wanted to take my pics too!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

He finished it! Yay!!

Arnav finished his entire lunch today.

I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that his teacher had circled "I ate everything" on his daily report. I immediately opened his lunch pack and saw for myself that there were only a few pieces of pasta in it!!

I had packed Macaroni and cheese (with a dash of ketchup), a piece of jalebi and a banana smoothie for him in his favorite Spiderman lunchpack. Its a winner and so am I!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My "Cook"er with his cooker...

Arnav loves to cook. Everytime I go in the kitchen, he pulls up a dining table chair to the kitchen counter, climbs on it and then asks me to bring his pan, a spoon and a pretend stove.

Then the demands start coming...Mamma, give me bread, give me oil, give me pyaz, give me ketchup, give me cereal, give me aata and everything goes in the pan and is stirred vigorously, splattering my countertop and creating a big mess that makes my cleaners work harder and harder to earn their wages

Here, Arnav the master chef, is making paranthi, with a filling of granola!

All this is ok--hey, its just some mess that can be scrubbed and wiped off. Then comes the big demand...Mamma, taste it please, I made this for you!!!!! And then that culinary concoction is presented to me and to Papa to taste and eat up! Ewww.... Half the time, I am somehow able to dodge tasting it by telling him that I have "pretend tasted" it and the other half of the times, I distract him somehow and the food goes down the sink.

(Click on the pictures to see a larger image)

Just like Papa!

Arnav has this book called "Just like Papa" which he loves. The story is very simple, of a boy, who wants to do everything "just like Papa". He has a belt, shoes, shirt, comb, shaving brush, keys and phone just like Papa. My little papa ka chamcha Arnav takes it further by even wanting to drive, sleep, sing, play the guitar and eat just like Papa. So here's a pic of Papa-beta eating the exact same food--boiled egg (whites only, because this time Papa doesnt like the yellow, just like Arnav!) Oatmeal and Bread!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

The first one....

The first post! Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by. Arnav's latest fashion statement is wearing my sunglasses and everytime we go out, he quickly runs to my closet and grabs them, puts them on and admires himself in the mirror. Then he says "How Smartee"!!

At 3 and a half, he loves to admire himself in the mirror and ofcourse, the little flaterrer that he is, he never fails to tell me that I'm looking pretty every time I dress up too! Here's another pic of Arnav looking cool in my sunglasses.