Sunday, February 24, 2008

A simple pulav with a power packed salad...

Last week was a very busy week at work, with a number of deadlines for me and that meant going earlier than usual and coming back very tired, after standing in the lab the whole day. ON one such rainy, tiring evening, I made a simple pulav which turned out to be so delicious that V asked me to write the recipe down, so that I can reproduce it on demand the next time he wants pulav!

I served it with a nutrient packed salad of carrots, beetroots and raisins, with onions and lemon juice adding a bit of a kick. In my quest to eat healthy and making every bite count, I have decided to consciously experiment with various "super foods" that are wholesome, fresh, full of nutrients and ofcourse, rich taste. With this in mind, I picked up some beetroots and grated them over chopped baby carrots for this yummy salad.

Ofcourse, as I was staging this shot, Arnav was sitting in his highchair in the kitchen and sneaked in the popsickle that he was enjoying into my frame! He was mighty pleased on seeing his popsickle rubbing shoulders with my rice n salad!!

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