Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday Night Date....

Every friday evening, after I pick Arnav up from school, we head straight to the nearest Jamba Juice, where Arnav has a "Mango Mantra" smoothie and chips. He loves to sit there and look at people pass by and he tells me all about his day at school and we make plans for the weekend. This friday, I had a meeting at work that ran late, so his Papa picked him up and brought him home. I was really disappointed that we couldn't go to Jamba juice, so I picked up his smoothie on my way home. Arnav was very happy and I got extra hugs and kisses for bringing his smoothie! Arnav's school had a chinese theme this whole week and they made a chinese style hat in class. Here's a pic of Arnav in his "Mr. Chow-Fu-Ching" hat, enjoying his Jamba Juice!

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transient said...

awww... that is so sweet, S and I used to go to the udupi breakfast buffet on Sundays, idly being her favourtiest thing on earth and that gave N extra time to sleep in without the two of us bugging him to get up. We used to love that, all three of us.

Hope we will always be able to think of new things to do with these kids as they grow up.