Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paneer Makhani


Reema Rege said...

Really enjoyed your blog - nice pictures. I am located in NJ..where r u located?

delhibelle said...

I just discovered this blog, and am so glad I did..I loved reading about Arnav as my kiddo is almost the same age and stage:) an so I would love to add you to my blogroll.
BTW, your paneer makhani looks gorgeous.

Love to Arnav.

Smita said...

Hi Ruchika,

I like your blog. The paneer makhani pic looks yummy. Do you mind posting your receipe? Thanks!

Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

I'm missing your posts, very much. Hope you will post again soon.

Robin in Memphis, TN

Anonymous said...

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transient said...

hey!! How come I did not even know of this blog? I looooooooooove your pictures, they are especially relevant because I just posted something cribbing about how I do not know how to take nice pictures of food. Now I know where to go to get lessons.

And i am going to come back and read all the older posts.

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy, Y cant u post ur receipy pls??